Turn Your Home
Into A Private Micro-Grid!

Harvest Enough Off The Grid Solar Power To Get Through Any Power Outage or Energy Crisis

Electricity prices have been rising steadily for more than 30 years. Now they're accelerating at a pace never before seen in American history.

In the last two years alone, electricity prices have increased by 17.8%. In some places, it's been particularly bad. The Northeast United States, for example, saw electricity prices jump more than 85% in a single year.

Because of these big price increases, it's not uncommon for an average household's electric bill to top $200 a month. In the summer months, some electric bills approach $500... for just one month!

Unfortunately, it's only going to get worse. Demand for electricity continues to increase. And electricity prices continue to go up at a dizzying pace. Just look at these recent headlines:

  • "Household electricity bills skyrocket" (USA Today)
  • "Electricity costs continue to soar across America" (Triad News)
  • "Wind energy means soaring electricity costs" (National Wind Watch)
  • "Electric rate increase outpaces inflation for 5th straight year" (WTOP)
  • "Here Come Obama's 'Necessarily Skyrocketing' Electricity Rates" (The Heritage Foundation)

Electricity prices are already increasing faster than any time in U.S. history. Yet industry experts predict prices will soon climb even higher.

Why? There are two major trends that are bringing about...

A "Perfect Storm" in the Electricity Market!

Many of the nation's sharpest economists are predicting hyperinflation in the near future. Even billionaire real estate investor Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. is poised for "massive inflation."

What's more, high-level politicians indicate we are moving toward an inevitable war with Iran. When the war starts, there will be a big spike in energy prices -- regardless of other economic forces at play.

If either of these predictions come to pass (and we suspect they will), then the price of electricity will skyrocket. Electricity bills could double or even triple in a period of a few months. Rolling brown-outs and blackouts could sweep the country.

But this may be the least of our problems because...

An EMP Attack Could Destroy the Grid
And Cut Off Electricity Across the U.S.

Right now, the electrical grid in the United States is very fragile. One Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) device detonated above the U.S. could destroy the electrical grid, fry most electronic devices instantly, and send us back to a primitive way of living not witnessed since the 1800s.

The federal government knows this. In fact, they organized a commission to study how vulnerable the U.S. is to an EMP attack. They concluded the threat is real, and that the repercussions of such an attack would be deadly.

The former head of U.S. Strategic Command, General Eugene Habiger, says an EMP attack is virtually guaranteed. "It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when," he says.

Without electricity, your credit cards and debit cards would no longer work. You would not be able to make phone calls. Food shipments would stop. You would not be able to get the medicines you may need to live. Chaos and rioting would be almost assured.

Most Americans fear a nuclear event, but it is actually far more likely that a hostile nation would attack the U.S. with an EMP device. And while it is unlikely that anybody would die from the blast, experts predict that tens of millions would die in the weeks and months that follow.

In such a scenario, the ability to generate your own power would be, quite literally, a life-saver. And imagine

The Power Station Flex 4000 is designed to provide you with a reliable source of backup solar power so you can enjoy peace of mind even if electricity becomes prohibitively expensive or unavailable. What's more, the The Power Station Flex 4000 is...

Powerful and Efficient

You get 180 square feet of efficient mono-crystal solar panels capable of generating 2,000 watts of electricity. You also get 15,360 watt hours of battery capacity (19,200 watt hours rated and 80% depth of discharge). This system is capable of harvesting as much as 3 million watt hours of energy per year.

The Power Station Flex 4000 will provide enough backup energy to slash your electric bill and maybe get off the grid completely.

One Switch Gets You Off the Grid

The Power Station Flex 4000 is designed to be ultra-simple to use. Once installed, a single switch takes you off the grid and powers all your tier-1 emergency electrical needs.

More importantly, if the grid goes down at any time, the Power Station Flex 4000 will take over automatically and will seamlessly begin providing power to your predetermined circuits -- so you're never without power!

Power Only What You Want

The Power Station Flex 4000 can be directed to power any device (or groups of devices) in your home. At the time of installation you decide which devices and circuits in your home will be connected to the Power Station 4000 system. These become your tier 1 emergency electrical loads. These circuits can then be powered either by the utility grid or by the Power Station 4000 at your discretion.

Remote Digital Display Provides "Vital Stats" at a Glance

The Power Station Flex 4000 comes with a sophisticated remote digital display that can be placed anywhere within 100 feet of the unit. The remote digital display tells you current battery charge levels; how much energy you've harvested from the sun each day (a full year of history is stored); and more

True Sinewave Technology Produces Clean Power

The Power Station Flex's inverter produces clean sinewave power, which means the DC (Direct Current) electricity produced by the solar panels is converted into "clean" AC (Alternating Current) electricity.

Because you're getting clean power, your electronics won't experience any kind of static interference that can happen with inferior inverters.

Free Delivery & Installation with Purchase

When you order your Power Station Flex 4000, you'll also get free delivery and installation anywhere in the continental U.S. We'll even send our experienced solar technicians to set up the system for you. (Please note that site preparation work is not included. If you live outside the continental United States, please call us for a customized quote.)

3 Warranties Protect Your Investment

We personally warrant the Power Station Flex 4000 will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the completion of installation. The inverter and charger are covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty program for a period of 5 years; the solar panels are covered for 20 years.

Customized Financing Available

We have customized financing solutions available for qualified individuals so you can enjoy all the benefits of solar energy today -- and amortize your costs over time. (Not to mention, experts say financial records would be wiped out and unrecoverable following an EMP attack.)

Federal Tax Credits on Solar

The federal government currently offers a 30% rebate on solar equipment you install on your new or existing primary residence. There is currently no dollar limit on the rebate. (Remember, these rebates are set to expire on December 31, 2016 -- so take advantage of them while you can!)

Some states and utility companies also offer rebates. Check with your state and utility company to see what rebates are currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can the solar panels be from the battery boxes?

The maximum recommended distance is 100 ft.

What is your warranty?

- 90 days for all installation workmanship and miscellaneous hardware
- 5 years manufacturer’s warranty for the charge controller, inverter, and switchgear
- 25 years for solar panels

Does this system qualify for any rebates?

Yes, in some cases. Rebate availability varies by state and region. Check the DSIRE website to determine what incentives are available in your area.

What do I need to do to get ready for an installation?

This depends on your installation site. Site preparation may include:

- Trimming, or removing trees, to eliminate shading from the solar array installation site.
- Re-routing some of your house’s branch circuit wiring.
- Installation of a small electrical distribution sub-panel.
- Roof inspection and/or repair for rooftop solar array installation.
- Pouring concrete footings for ground mount solar arrays.
- Installation of a second electrical “service entrance” for the solar array power cables.

What if I have a metal roof?

Some metal roofs can easily accommodate a solar array installation and some cannot accommodate a solar array at all. You can call Powerful Living to discuss installing an array on your metal roof.

Will my medications be safe in a refrigerator using the system?

Yes, as long as you manage your energy usage so that you do not allow the batteries to completely run down before recharging them.

Do we know how much power is being used?

The Power Station 4000 Flex comes with a remote LCD panel that indicates the amount of solar energy harvested daily, the state of charge of the battery bank, the DC power output of the solar charger, and the AC power output of the inverter. This indicator panel also has an SD card that can store up to one year of system operational data.

Can I add more panels to the 10 that you supply?

Yes; however, Powerful Living or another solar professional should be involved in the planning and installation. In a solar electric system all components must be carefully chosen for system compatibility and proper operation.

Can we do multiple units in the same house?

If you need more power it is better to upgrade the system to multiple inverters, more batteries, and more solar panels than to install multiple systems..

Can I install this as an owner?

Powerful Living does not recommend, or support, customer installation, unless the customer is a certified solar installer, electrician, electrical contractor, or electrical engineer. Due to the wide variety of installation site complications Powerful Living does not provide system installation instructions. System and component user operation manuals are provided by Powerful Living.

Can I power a water pump?

Yes, depending on the size of the pump and run time needed per day. Some water pumps may require a second parallel inverter for proper pump motor start-up. A second inverter is available at additional cost. Pump or compressor motor start-up cannot be guaranteed on single inverter systems.

Can we upgrade the unit with additional panels or inverters?

Yes, additional panels and inverters can be added. Each system using additional components will be quoted as custom designed systems.

How much money will it save us per year?

That all depends on how you would use the system. Only a thorough analysis of your electrical loads and usage can provide a reasonable answer to this question. You can arrive at a rough approximation by assuming a daily solar energy harvest capacity of 8,500 watt hours and comparing it to the daily usage on your electric bill.

Can this system also handle a wind generator?

Yes, however, addition of a properly sized wind generator would require a well-engineered DC output regulation circuit, a dump-load circuit, and an expanded DC combiner bus, for installation. Powerful Living does not provide this service.

Why can’t I sell power back to the utility company?

The Power Station 4000 Flex is an off-grid back-up power solution. Selling power back to the utility company requires a grid-tie system which generally will not supply back-up power. Hybrid, or battery-based grid-tie, systems which can supply back-up power are much more complex and expensive than off-grid back-up systems such as the Power Station 4000 Flex.

Will I be able to plug in my electric car?

Yes, as long as your car’s charger operates on either 120 VAC or 240 VAC and does not require a current draw greater the amperage rating of the Power Station 4000 Flex’s AC output circuits.

Can this system be used to save on my electric bill?

Yes, you can use the system to power some of your homes electrical loads on a daily basis to reduce utility costs.

Cost Of The Power Station Flex 4000

The Power Station Flex 4000 is $34,900. For technical questions please call our Solar Engineer, Dave at (815) 902-6086 or email him at david@powerfulliving.com. For purchasing questions and arrangements, please call Tony at (815) 902-6086.


Here are quantities and specifications for the individual components of the Power Station Flex 4000.

Battery Box

16 – 100 amp hour batteries
4 ft 9 inches (height)
6 ft (width) - 2 ft (depth)
Total Weight: 1400 lbs.

Inverter Box

5 ft (height) - 3 ft 2 in (width) - 1 ft 2 in (depth)
Total Weight: 225 lbs

Ten (10) 250 Watt Solar Panels (installed)

47.3 lbs each - Total Weight: 500 lbs
Height 62" each, combined 11 ft
Width 43" each, combined 20 ft
Total Square Footage: 220 ft

Click here to download a complete
spec sheet in PDF format.

Our Recent Installations

Here's What One Of Our Customers Said

April 25, 2012

Mr. David Fink, Electrical Engineer
Powerful Living
815 West Main Street
PO Box 518
Thomson, IL 61285

Dear Dave,

We just wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied we are with our Power Station Flex 4000, from Powerful Living.

Although we have not had a "real" test (major power outage), we have been using our system and getting used to its capabilities. It has exceeded our expectations!! It generates enough power to run almost our entire first floor (lights, TVs, computer, refrigerators), our furnace – and, living in the country, most importantly, it powers our well pump!! Plus, using the Power Station Flex 4000, has resulted in the additional benefit of lower electric bills.

We have been very impressed with you and Powerful Living. You have displayed the ultimate expertise, professionalism, and courtesy throughout the entire process – including, but not limited to: answers to our initial questions, installation, and follow-up. Also, we were pleased and honored that you (Jeff and Dan, too!) stayed in our home during the installation process. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our company as much as we did yours.

Would we make this purchase again? Would we recommend the Power Station Flex 4000?? DEFINITELY!!! In fact, we have been showing everyone our system and telling them how superb it is!!!

We commend you and Powerful Living for your dedication and innovation in providing high-quality products, which enable individuals and families to become more self-sufficient.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for a well-deserved recommendation for the Power Station Flex 4000 and Powerful Living. We would be more than happy to relate our positive experiences to future Power Station Flex 4000 customers!!

Steve and Deb

Meet Our Solar Technicians

David Fink has 26 years of experience in the electrical and electronics industries, 17 of which have been engineering-level experience. David has a 4-year Electrical Engineering Technology degree from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. He worked 9 years as an industrial electrician working on machine control systems and industrial power systems before transitioning to engineering.

David has been with Powerful Living since February 2009, and has participated in the design of all of Powerful Living's solar electric systems. David personally oversees the installation of each Power Station Flex 4000 system and functions as the installation team supervisor.

Jeff Traver graduated from Clinton Community College with a 2-year Industrial Maintenance Degree. He is currently working on his NABCEP Certification.

Jeff has been with Powerful Living since December 2010, and has been involved in the sales, assembling, and installation of the Power Station Flex 4000. Jeff also helps with customer service and international sales.

Danny Prowant II has been with Powerful Living since May 2009 and has been on the Powerstation Flex 4000 installation team from the beginning. As shop supervisor he oversees the everyday assembling and testing of our solar systems.

Danny has taken solar power classes, solar panel installation classes, and OSHA Safety Training courses. On days off Danny likes to work on cars and most anything that has a motor.

Armando Loaiza has been with Powerful Living since April 2010. Armando helps with the installation of the Powerstation Flex 4000's battery box as well as the wiring of the solar panels.

Armando has taken solar power classes, solar panel installation classes, and OSHA Safety Training courses.

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